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May 23rd, 2009

Love it and Shove it - Sim style

I have a gripe, but I also brought along something I like to balance it out. I'll start with the bad, then end with the good (like sugar after the medicine).

I've been enjoying the glimpse at Sims 3, but I've been turned off in a big way by the new heap of gender stereotyping and the fact that sims wish specifically for a male or female baby. I'm really hoping there's also a "don't give a shit" option.
And also that someone makes a mod to remove the blue/pink blankets or make them purple or bright red or anything other than the two gendered colours. 'Cause, you know, it's so important to know the gender of a baby. Otherwise, how would you know whether to say the baby is pretty or smart or strong or... and so on and so on. *gags*

(An image can be found in this GoS thread - just as an example, of course. My gripe is obviously with the game, not the player.)

But, lest I jump to conclusions, maybe this is just one of many options and we can now change the outfits of babies? I'm just making assumptions, based on the baby gender wants. *crosses fingers* Dear EAxis, please change this before the game is released. Oh, who am I kidding?

Now for the good, to wash that bitter taste from my mouth: the Late to the Party - Short Hair for Men mesh by fantasyrogue. This is a brilliant male hair mesh, in my opinion. I LOVE it. To echo my comments on her post at GoS, this really looks more like typical male hair to me (especially those gents who are 30+), which I'm always eager to have more of. I'm in love with the suggestion of a receeding/thinning hairline on this mesh, because so many guys do have that, and I find it endearing.



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