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August 3rd, 2009

You know what? I honestly wouldn't have predicted that EA'd come out with an EP that I simply have no interest in, but they've managed it.

I'm not sure I can completely articulate why this repels me so much, but it has something to do with the exactness of the replicas of these world locations, and how they actually refer to them as China or France instead of some sim world analogue, like Twikkii Island. It's just not very Simlish, is it? Compare that to Veronaville, which was an obvious reference to certain European countries, but it had its own twist. It had charm. I'm not seeing the charm. Maybe things will improve from this first look, but right now it's just... lacking.

A while back I was putting together my own little review of Sims 3 (which was never posted), and I'm reminded again of my main criticism of the third installment in our beloved series: it's a departure. That's what's wrong. It's veering off into different genres, most notably point-and-click adventure, and they're falling down on the promise of the simulation side of things. This is a mistake, because that's the reason we're here. Their task should have been to build a better dollhouse, and only that. In trying to appeal to a wider audience, they're losing track of the whole point of the game. The Sims franchise was always about domesticity, and that was enough.

They did some things right, no doubt, like the increased level of customization, but they didn't go far enough, and they're changing the overall feel of the game. They haven't even improved the way the genetics work. If they did nothing else, it should have been that.

So those are my thoughts. What do you think?


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