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December 20th, 2009

Extras: Natasha Una (plus health update)

My flu is still lingering, keeping me up at night and preventing me from doing fun things like joining the party for a Christmas tree hunt on a sunny Saturday morning with a fresh beautiful snowfall. The SO went with some good friends of ours, while I stayed home and cleaned up instead. It's a good thing I stayed, though, because it was tough work (I told them they really "earned their balls" for hauling those trees out of the woods) and also cold enough that everyone ended with a bit of a chill, despite all the layers and the snowshoes, etc. They brought over some homemade soup and stayed for supper, which was nice after being shut in and quarantined for over a week.

I'm not sure how things will go with my advent posting, now that I'm getting my health back. I'm going to have to focus my energy on my real Christmas preparations, but I might post a few more things. I think it worked out pretty well, even though I failed at making it an actual advent calendar (surprise, surprise). I hope you enjoyed what I did post, anyway. Anything I didn't complete will just get posted in the new year, once it's ready.

I do have some pics to share from my random playing during the sick days, so I'll share a few with you. I had a blast playing with Natasha Una, for one. She's one of my favourite sims. I gave her a makeover again with one of simgaroop's new hairs and some awesome plumb-bob earrings I found.

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