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May 2nd, 2010

A can of worms, and how I have opened it.

Thank you for all your helpful suggestions on my last post about the Summerdreams lot. It turns out that the problem is indeed that the lot slopes downward to the back and is, in fact, far below the water table. And even though Orikes mentioned something about the actual water showing up if you moved the lot, that wasn't enough to stop me from trying it for myself, resulting in the same flooding. Thus a minor irritation became a huge problem. Go me.

So I dug deep and found some building skills I didn't even know I had and successfully modified the terrain, even the part that was under the house, leaving all but the very edge of the lot above water. Now I'm stuck. Is there any way to modify the very edge of the lot? Is "flatten lot" my only hope? I've done so much decorating to the Summerdream house, I really want to salvage what I have rather than start over (I just flat out refuse to start over, actually, so my other option is to creatively disguise the edge of the lot with more trees and brick walls and maybe more height).

My final question is, who designed this lot and why on Earth did they think it was a good idea to create such a slope when the house was not on a hill of any sort? Argh!

ETA: Yeah, so flattening the lot does nothing. Maybe I'll check into the lot adjuster and see if that offers any hope.

ETA2: The lot adjuster did the trick! ^_^


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