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August 25th, 2010

Sims in Real Life: Bad Hair Day

When I woke up this morning, my hair looking exactly like the male werewolf hair in Sims 2.

This is one of those CC squeeing posts.

Man, I am loving all off the conversions that fakepeeps is posting lately! She said she recently purchased H&M stuff, so I'm hoping she continues to age convert meshes from that SP, since a lot of it would make so much more sense for children. Check out the Tanks and Knickerbockers with Bows and the Summer Jumpers with Sneakers. So useful! I've seen the latter converted before, but fakepeeps really gets the proportions of sim children, and I love her recolours (the green and purple is just awesome)! That knickebockers with bows conversion was like turning water to wine, because that was perhaps the most WTF Maxis outfit of all time (in my humble opinon). And more separates are always a good thing.

Even better is her MTS2 profile that says she plans to keep creating for Sims 2 instead of moving on the Sims 3. Hooray! ^_^ I hope she keeps working for "us" for a long time! <3


Ask me a question, (almost) any question.

After noticing a couple of people on my flist post about it, I've decide to give this Formspring site a try.  Ask me a question about Strangetown, Here We Come, simming in general, cc usage, opinions/advice on food and gardening, or just randomness. I will cleverly avoid answering anything too personal or spoilery. Please use common sense (Ha! Common, my ass.) and don't be rude. You know the drill. Have fun!

(Why yes, I am bored relaxing and in close proximity to a computer today. Why do you ask? XD I'll stop spamming your flist now, I promise.)


Hi there! Most of my activity is now on my Tumblr, so please head over there if you'd like to see what I'm up to. Story updates will still be posted here.


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