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October 23rd, 2010

Playing through it all again: Veronaville

I've been playing through the new S,HWC uberhood a lot lately, and not really feeling like posting about it much, but this little tidbit was hard to resist. Remember how I've referred to the fact that the Summerdreams have an open relationship and faeries in general do not adhere to the same sexual distinctions that regular sims do? Well, Oberon really proved that for me today, with a little help from ACR:

I had just moved Kent in with Bianca, who are BFF platonic life partners in my version of things, and Oberon calls him up the first evening to invite him downtown. He says yes, and Bianca goes, too. I'm hoping to prospect for potential mates — I know who I want to re-hook for Kent and I'm hoping to reconsider Bianca's future love interest/s with the larger sim pool to choose from. Of course, Oberon invited "all 20 of his best friends" from both the Capp and Monty families. *sigh* It was a bit of a brawl, to say the least. :P

Anyway, then ACR kicks in and Bianca decides to have her first kiss with her good friend (with benefits!), Oberon, who's always happy to oblige. Kent does the same, shortly after (in the male bathroom, no less — fairly true to life). Later on, the two friends decide to go home and the whole public group goes home with them, but oddly everyone else but Oberon takes off right away and goes home. Oberon instead proceeds to bed both Kent and Bianca, becoming Kent's best friend in the process and... *cue dramatic music* KNOCKS UP Bianca. Yup. She had the want to have a baby, and ACR allowed her to try on her own. Perhaps this is how they discover that Obe's seed is actually viable? And he's doing Bianca a favour in helping her have a baby in her unconventional family?

All I know is this makes for a fascinating story. :D "The Summerdreams' kindly nature and zest for life have cast a romantic spell over Veronaville's youth," indeed.


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