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Custom Content Master List

For your convenience, I have compiled a list of all my shared content.

I really enjoy making custom content, and when I look back over all my little bits and pieces in a list like this, I can see my progress from simple recolours (which were challenging enough at the time!), to some alpha editing, to working with default replacements. It's not much, but I'm proud of it. The sharing of cc is just one more reason I love Sims 2. It's simple and fun, and anyone can do it with a little practise. It's exciting to see something you've created in your own game.

And, with cc, it's all about sharing, so I want to make it a little easier for people to find the stuff I've posted for others to download. I also have some plans to add to this list in the near future (and one is hinted at in the post).

Custom Content Master List

- Original Sim Download Page featuring sims from Strangetown, Here We Come. Includes my recreation of Lyla Grunt.
- The Worthington Family
- Ginger Cloud, a Pixel Trade founder, and S,HWC's most popular therapist.
- Mazzy May was created for Pixel Trade's "The sim below me..." challenge
- Humble Pie: a (sort of) extracted Mr. Humble, for all your storytelling needs.
- Fixed Jessica Picasso: A recreation of her face to fix the broken template.
- The Tomato Legacy Sims
- Dana - from Pixel Trade: The Person Below Me... Manly Man Edition
- Good Genes III Sims - sims from my Garden of Shadows challenge entry
- Debbie, Cammy, and Val, Version 2.0 - a re-imagining of some original sims from Strangetown, Here We Come.
- Willow Nigmos sim recreation
- Jasmine Rai, extracted as both the genetic and the version shown in-game.

- All of my TS4 sims can be found in the gallery under the Origin ID strangest_tomato.

- The Starry Bob
- The Veronaville Llama

- Teen Style Stuff Plain Tee
- Woohoo pajamas
- Woohoo undies - AM
- Woohoo undies - EM
- K&B Sweater
- Amaryll Woohoo cardigan
- Amaryll Nouveau Dress with Heels + Morrisimia New Year textures
- PlumbBottoms cloth diapers

- Ripp's Sideburns
- Just Alien lips
- Petchy's Glass Eyes with Maxis sclera

- Condoms with more Woohoo - a recolour of Nixy's condoms
- S,HWC paintings
- BV Travel Poster recolours
- Helena's Woohoo Drumkit
- Llama Dance Party Drumkit
- This Friday Night - Girls! Live! Poster - created for All That Remains short story
- Bellaroscuro painting - requires GLS
- Maxis Match Painting Project: Modern Print on Suspense Mesh
- Easy Bake - Rip Co. Little Baker Oven in Aelia's retro colours
- Smith Family Photos - As seen in Chapter 36 of S,HWC
- Various SHWC posters - created for use in the story
- Triple Bolt Studios presents - Three Simlish movie posters featuring Johnny, Ripp, and Ophelia as other fictional triads
- "You Otter Be a Star" Pop Art print (llama version only) from TS4 on eight different frames for TS2.

Build Mode:

- Woohoo heart wallpaper

- Maxis-match Eyebrow Replacements, using eyebrows by Aquilegia and Oepu
- Naughty or Nice - good and evil witch default replacement gift packages
- Woohoo Gift Package - a default replacement gift package with a woohoo icon pattern
- They're Everywhere! - a default replacement penguin with Phobia's Alien Eyes
- Default Replacement Paintings Using Extracted Sims 3 Images
- Default Replacement Smith Family Dolls - replacement the dollhouse dolls with an alien-friendly inter-species version.

Content posted at Garden of Shadows:

- Here and There Thing recoloured in all of Aelia's colours, for the Back to Basics! monthly theme

- Christmas in July 2010 gift for Sneebs: includes Evora Plum sim, recolours/realphas of Petchy's speckle mesh, recolours of Ulkrshn's necklace, recolours of Amaryll's cardi (second version), a skirt with tights (by me) with recolours of Aelia's docs, recolours of Gather Around by Heated Exchange radiators, BV Travel poster recolours using extracted artwork, and recolours of the Shelf of Balance. (Alternate Download)

- Secret Santa 2011 gift for Imalia: includes Boy Undies with Matching Bras, Edie's Hair, Basegame Cafe Curtain recolours in Aelia's plaids and original solid colours, and Sims 3 extracted Images on the Ikea Easel Canvas. (Alternate Download)

- Leash Racque by DeFarge painted wood recolours, for the Critter Crazy! monthly theme

- Bon Voyage towel recolours

- Woohoo heart wallpaper

- Woohoo heart pattern


- TS2-themed colour palette
- Woohoo heart pattern
- Cartoon woohoo heart image

Terms of Use

My policy for my shared content is pretty permissive. As long as you don't claim it as your own or try to sell it, I'm good. You know the drill. If you need more details, please read on:

1. Please use my sims however you like. Sims can be used as extras in stories or movies, and as legacy founders or townies. I appreciate credit, but it is not necessary. All I ask is that you do not claim my sims as your own, please. If you use one of them, I'd love to see pics.

2. You may include my cc with sim and lot uploads. They are file share friendly, but please keep them free and don't share them on paysites or the exchange. Again, credit is always appreciated, but not required, and please do not claim as your own.

3. If you want to use any of my cc textures as the starting point for another project, you are welcome to it, though a link back to the original download would be appreciated. When I have made edits to another creator's work (which is quite often the case), please also check with their terms of use.

I hope you have fun and enjoy my content!



Dec. 23rd, 2009 03:38 am (UTC)
Thanks for letting me know! I've fixed it.


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