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Discussion: TS4 Conversation Post

Inspired by the disjointed conversation of Tumblr (and worry about annoying people with lost of text posts while attempting to have one, and so on...), I'd like to try to have a conversation here. What are you excited for in TS4 from what we've seen so far? The return of rotational gameplay? The breastfeeding option? The awesome cat vest?! Are you worried about the sim count and lot limit? Do you love or hate the style? Or are you over it all already? Let's hear it! :)

I'm not around as often as I used to be, so please talk amongst yourselves here as much as you like! I do get windows of time to participate (usually with a sleeping, teething baby worn on me in a carrier, or when my toddler wants to watch "the YouTubes"), so I will jump in whenever I can.

Also, hi! It's been a while. :) I miss this.


Jun. 25th, 2014 03:43 pm (UTC)
I agree with you about the hair, but like many others, I don't love the new yellow-blond colour. It's just not the most appealing hue, in my opinion. I can't remember if there was another blond option, but hopefully we can recolour or replace it.

The body shaping in CAS is amazing, and the layers of body fat and muscle definition are separate sliders, so that's a huge improvement. I'll really excited about CAS! Even my SO, who isn't much interested in sim games, says he can't wait to mess around with it. (Good news for us all, because I think he'll make some fantastic sims! Which I will then share...)

I'm sure we'll look back at the clothing and sigh one day, because time marches on and styles do change (even fit - some of this stuff will seem way too fitted eventually), but they seem to have a lot of classic options there. "Style" vs. "fashion" if you know what I mean, and options for different ages and stages. The cat vest gives me so much hope for character stuff. Give me quirky, give me weird, give me unfashionable! I love having those options, and cc tends to let us down in this regard, most of the time.

I'm concerned that emotions have sort of replaced personality, in a sense. What's driving whether a sim gets a certain emotion in a certain situation? I wanted a much meatier personality system than three traits. Detailed in the way that the CAS is, with much broader range and subtle difference. I'll give their system a chance before I write it off, but it's not what I would have done (if I had any ability to program, LOL! Hard for me to talk...)

That said, the aspirations look great! Most of the (good) TS2 options, and some nice new ones. Nurture? Deviance? Yes, please! I wonder if Love is similar to Romance, or does that get covered by some of the traits, like fear of commitment? I love the Romance asp. in TS2, but it can be a little bit one-note that way.

I'm also looking to embrace it as a whole new game. I know now that I will always have TS2 (as others will always have TS3, if they love it), so that sort of apprehension of losing this game and community no longer hangs over my head at all. I'm just hoping to have a new game that I also love! :)


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