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Discussion: TS4 Conversation Post

Inspired by the disjointed conversation of Tumblr (and worry about annoying people with lost of text posts while attempting to have one, and so on...), I'd like to try to have a conversation here. What are you excited for in TS4 from what we've seen so far? The return of rotational gameplay? The breastfeeding option? The awesome cat vest?! Are you worried about the sim count and lot limit? Do you love or hate the style? Or are you over it all already? Let's hear it! :)

I'm not around as often as I used to be, so please talk amongst yourselves here as much as you like! I do get windows of time to participate (usually with a sleeping, teething baby worn on me in a carrier, or when my toddler wants to watch "the YouTubes"), so I will jump in whenever I can.

Also, hi! It's been a while. :) I miss this.


Jun. 26th, 2014 05:24 am (UTC)
I'm not feeling very positive about TS4, especially after today's news about toddlers missing, and quite truthfully that really irks me because I so wanted a new Sims game to get excited about.

I own everything for TS2 and I loved how it was to look forward to new expansions and stuff packs. Sims 3 came out and I was "Eh..." I never liked the pudding looks and held off buying the game for a few weeks until my friends that were playing convinced me I should give it a try. I should have saved my money. Even with defaults in the look of the TS3 sims never wowed me and I despised the story progression. The base game patch came out and I just never bothered to install it and never played the game again. Sims 2 was so much better, in my opinion. But even with all my S3 dislike I was envious when people were posting about the new content- I missed that and had hoped TS4 would give me that again. Sigh...

I like the look of the new game. The cartoony look, even the plastic hair, reminds me of some of the TV shows my kids watch and it grows on you with repeated exposure. The clothes look nice, the create a sim controls look awesome, and what we've seen of the hoods and the way they work appeals to me. I'm a little worried about the build mode because I like being able to build one wall at a time, but I figured it would be good after the learning curve was taken into consideration. I've been concerned about the computer specs since I play on a laptop and can't switch out stuff like my graphics card and this continues to me a big worry since they still haven't locked them down, something I find riduculous when they are planning on releasing the game in just a few months. The fact that they are still working in the game is not a positive thing for me- I don't like being an unpaid beta tester and feel there is no way they can properly test the game with the time they have left, but I was willing to cut them some slack. I've got other concerns, but overall I was happy. Not pre-order happy, but on the side of the fence that was leaning toward buying the game.

Npw this... The missing toddler thing really bugs me. I play a generational game and those little rugrats are important to that. And the idea that they are going to be a baby one second and then "Boom!" they are kids is just too weird for me. I hear everybody saying, but they can add them in an expansion pack and my thought is "I'm paying how much for this base game and they don't even have all the age groups???" Personally I don't like EA enough to want to give them extra money for something that should have been included in the first place. The lack of the toddlers just pushed home how the production team is scrambling to finish in time and that corporate EA doesn't care about giving us a complete or non-buggy game, not when they already have our money in their pocket and can get us to buy expansions and store content to make up for the stuff they aren't giving us originally.

Edited at 2014-06-26 05:35 am (UTC)


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